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Welcome to the home page of the  of the Berkshire Branch

 of the International Wine and Food Society.

If you are interested in tasting wines from around the world, learning about the methods for cultivating grapes and making wine and like to experience good interesting food, then this is the organisation for you!

This website provides our members with an online focus for information about our Future Events, links to the IWFS and links to interesting wine and food resources on the web. 

The website also provides information to encourage potential members to join our ranks including descriptions of Past Events.

For some news about recent food and wine activities have a look at our News.


More information about the Branch and how to become a member is available here.
You can also visit the Branch entry on the IWFS website by clicking here.

Expand your food and wine knowledge

  Want to learn more about wine, grapes, wine growing countries and areas? In fact anything about wine and, for that matter, food. Wikipedia is a huge repository of information on line. If you would like to delve into it's countless articles on the subject, click here for easy access.