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John Farren

Join the Berkshire Branch
of the International Wine and Food Society

    The Berkshire Branch of the International Wine and Food Society's aim is simply to provide events for those who appreciate wine and food.     There is no better way to experience a very wide variety of wines, in the convivial company of people who are knowledgeable and who love wine and food. Where else would you get to taste several top 1980s clarets as we did recently when one of our members opened up his cellar for a tasting? You could not buy many of the wines we sampled at auction at any price!
    The Branch organises approximately 10 meetings a year, normally held on the third Friday in each month with a gap over the Summer period.

The type of event varies considerably covering:
    Tasting given by a Wine Distributor         eg Berkmann Wine Cellars
    Local Vineyard Visits                eg Visit to the Bothy Vineyard, Abingdon
    Members Tastings         eg Wines from the Branch Cellar
    Restaurant lunch/dinner    eg Lunch and Wine Tasting at the Waddesdon Manor

..and many more, limited only by the members' ingenuity.

    Articles describing some of our Past Events are available on this website.

    The meeting schedule is organised by the Secretary with the assistance of the Committee who are voted into office annually by the members at the Annual General Meeting. Currently meetings are often held at Neville Hall, Waltham St Lawrence.

    We normally accommodate up to 40 people at each tasting and places are allocated on a first come first served basis with Branch Members having priority.     Members may also invite personal guests to Branch events subject to members' priority and the availability of places. Members can, of course, choose which events they wish to attend.

Membership Subscription is currently set at:

For up to 36yrs old: 21 per person per annum and 27.50 per couple.
For 37yrs old and over: 42 per person per annum and 55 per couple.
A small part of the subscription goes to pay for the Branch affiliation to the International Secretariat.

Branch events currently cost around 39.00 (April 2022), but this varies depending on the type of event. Lunches and dinners at restaurants are typically more expensive.

    Why not arrange to attend the next event (go toFuture Events) and try the experience of wine & food tasting at its best by emailing the Branch Secretary - Colin Mair