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Meeting 424 - -"Wines from N. Italy and Slovenia"

Friday 24th May 2019     Neville Hall, Waltham St Lawrence 

Speaker:  Simon Taylor (Stone, Vine & Sun)  

       In May we welcomed a regular visitor, Simon Taylor from Stone, Vine & Sun. Simon's theme was Northern Italy and Slovenia and the wines he was presenting covered a more than 300-mile band running from Piedmont in the West to the Vipava Valley in Slovenia in the East. Simon provided a host of interesting information, although for obvious reasons he concentrated on the less well known regions and wines of Slovenia .
       The two whites from that country were a Sauvignonasse, formerly known as Tocai Friulano, from the Zanut estate in Goriška Brda, and a very appealing blend of (predominantly) Malvazija (50%), Rebula (Italian Ribolla Gialla) and Zelen, made by Pasji Rep in the Vipava Valley; lightly oaked and with six days skin contact, this was described by Simon as a "semi-orange wine".
       On the Italian side of the equation, the highlights were an excellent Soave Classico (100% Garganega) from Corte Mainenti and two high scoring reds, a Valpolicella Ripasso from Begali and a Barolo from Boasso in the Serralunga d'Alba district.
       The two red wines achieved an average score of 8.5, just ahead of a Slovenian Pinot Noir from Pasji Rep, which scored 8 and was a classic European rather than New Zealand style, if with more body than many Burgundian Pinot Noirs.
       Mark had prepared a few antipasti to accompany the wines, and for the meal he cooked a venison and mushroom ragł with polenta, followed by a classic Italian tiramisł.
(Ian Roe)

The Wines
Aperitif: Drusian (Italy), Rose Mari. Spumante Rosato. Extra Dry NV. (12%) 13.50 7
The Whites
   (1) Michele Taliano (Italy, Serni, Arneis. 2017 (13.5%)
11.16 6+
(2) Corte Mainemi (Italy),Tovo al Pigno. Soave Classico. 2017 (12.5%) 11.81 7+
(3) Zanut (Slovenia), Goriska Brda 2016 (13.5) 16.44 7+
(4) Pasji Rep (Slovenia), Jebatscin. Vipavska Dolina 2016 (13%) 16.58 7
The Reds
(5) Michele Taliano (Italy), Ciabot,Dolcetto d'Alba. 2017 (1.5%)
10.94 6+
(6) Pasji Rep (Slovenia), Pinot Noir Vipavska Dolina 2016 (14%) 18.33 8
(7) Begali (Italy), La Cengia, Valpolicello Rpiasso 2016 (14%) 13+ 8+
(8) Boasso (Itally) Barolo Serralunga d'Alba 2012 (14%) 26+ 8+
The supper wine :    Michele Talianop (Italy), A Bon Renre. Barbera d'Alba 2017(13%) 11.33

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