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Meeting 410 -" German Wines"

Speaker: Kate Dowdeswell
Friday 19th January 2018: Neville Hall, Waltham St Lawrence


        It was delightful to have Kate back again to talk to us. She started her talk with quite detailed survey of the principle German wine areas, their differing climates and terroirs. (It must be the first time that members have been listening to a talk about wine with lumps of rock in their hands!) While listening we were tasting a Riesling Sekt from Dr. Loosen (Mosel) A refreshing appetiser made by the conventional champanoise method witch had been 36 months on the lees.
       There followed three Pinot Noirs. Firstly, a 2015 Guntrum from the Rheinhessen. This was relatively pale in colour, had all the characteristics of a, 'not burgundian Pinot' Being fruity but easy drinking. It scored very well with members, particularly considering it's price! In contrast, the Schniatmann Jungen Reben Pinot was more fruity, still easy drinking but was a bit less popular. The Stodden Recher Herenberg was in a different league. The light maroon colour matched its age, and as a mature wine with ample stone fruit palate it deserved the 8+ it was given. The final Schniatmann Lemberger (aka Blaufrankish) rounded of the Reds with plenty of fruit and tannin.
       All of the whites were Rieslings, ranging from the basic dry Leitz Magic Mountain to a full Auslese from Dr Loosen.
       The Gunderloch Jean Babtiste Kabinett wasn't so well received, probably it was considered a bit thin on all measures, By contrast the Loosen Spätlese was full of raisins on the palate and had an interesting citrus orange nose. Definitely moving into the sweet level. The final Loosen Urziger Wützgarten Auslese was a grand finale with everything we would expect from a wine only two levels down from heaven - botrytis led sweet full fruit and a mouthful of sweet citrus to finish.
       For the food Mark gave us Braised and roasted Pork Knuckle (far more that we could ever eat!) and Potato Dumplings. The Choucroute vegetable accompaniment was much more tasty than it rather pale appearance might suggest. Finally the Riesling Poached Pear rounded off the food very well. The meal was accompanied by a Loosen estate Villa Wolf PN that proved to be a very good value for money easy drinking supper wine.
       (Ed's Note; A little surprising was the labels of some of the wines being completely in English - I'm sure these wines must be appreciated by the locals as well!)

The Wines
Aperitif: Dr Loosen Extra DrRiesling Sekt: Mosel
Red Wines:
   (1) Guntrum Pinot Moir; Rheinhessen
10.00 8
(2) Schnaitmann Jungen Reben Pinot Noir; Württemburg 17.00 6+
(3) Stodden Recher Harrenberg Pinot Noir; Ahr 35.00 8+
(4) Schaitmann Simonroth Lemberger Dry; Württemberg 19.00 7
White Wines:
  (5) Leitz Magic Mountain Dry Riesling; Rhiengau
20.00 7
(6) Gunderloch Jean Babtiste Riesling Kabinett; Rheinhessen 12.00 6+
(7) Dr Loosen Urziger Würzgarten Spätlese; Mosel 22.00 7
(8) Dr Loosen Urziger Würzgarten Auslese; Mosel 25.00 8+
The supper wine : Villa Wolf Pinot Noir (Dr Loosen Estate); Pfalz 8.50

Note: * Approximate Trade price