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Looking for Wine Information?

Then take a look at the On-line Wikipedia Encyclopedia    

        Wikipedia is a free on-line encyclopedia which is probably more detailed and informative than the Encyclopedia Britannica. It has a vast number of articles on all aspects of Food and Wine. To view one of the articles just enter some keywords in the space below and 'submit' them. The keywords can be fairly general, although it pays to spell them right first time!

        Typical examples are:

Cabernet Sauvignon, Italian wines, fiano, chateau lafite, phylloxera, Greek Wines and even the 'Judgement of Paris (wine)', Roast Beef and Rice Pudding!!

        Just a few points to notice :

1. It sometimes matters if you type upper or lower case letters. But if you get it wrong it often tells you.

2. If you haven't quite got the Keywords right, Wikipedia may invite you to 'search' for something slightly different. Often this gets you what you want

3. Even if you haven't quite got the information you want, look at all the links (in blue) on the page. You can spend hours making a flying trip around Wine World!

4. Once you are in Wikipedia, you have lost direct contact with your favourite IWFS Berkshire webpage. To return to it, just close the Wikipedia page (red X - top right).