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Meeting 329      Friday December 6th 2009      "Lunch at The Walter Arms at Sindlesham"

Meeting 328      Friday November 20th 2009      "Dr Loosen Wines"

Presenter:       Kate Dowdeswell

Meeting 327      Friday October 16th 2009      "New Zealand Wines"

Presenter:       Duncan Ross

Meeting 326      Friday September 18th 2009      "Wines from the Jura"

Presenter:       Sophie Verstringhe

      Sunday July 5th 2009      "The Berkshire Branch Summer Lunch"

Meeting 324      Friday May 15th 2009      "An Italian Retrospective"

Presenters:       Colin Mair & Chris Graham

Meeting 323      Friday April 17th 2009      "Old World vs New World"

Presenters:       Ian Smith and Ian Roe

Meeting 322      Friday March 20th 2009      "Chocolate"

Presenter:       Frank de Mengel

Meeting 321      Friday February 20th 2009      "David and Goliath"

The wines of Lirac and Chateauneuf du Pape compared

Presenter:       Sophie Verstringhe

Meeting 320      Friday January 16th 2009      Wines from Chalkers Crossing, New South Wales

Presenter:       Ian Latchford

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